S&W M&P9 with Crimson Trace Lightguard

This was a special M&P. First of all, it’s flat dark earth.  Second of all, it’s wearing a Crimson Trace Lightguard. Not just any holster would do.

And so here we have a Paddle Holster just as special as the pistol it holds.

Notice the flat dark earth stitching.  It matches the pistol perfectly.

Photo courtesy Kelly Eads

And here’s the back

*Hand-formed, finished and stitched by machine with bonded nylon thread.
*Reinforced paddle with cleat.

Pricing without laser(including shipping in the U.S.):
$130.00 for Pocket-sized guns
$155.00 for Compact handguns
$180.00 for Mid-size handguns (as shown)
$195.00 for Full-size handguns

+$25 charge to custom fit to laser

Tuckable IWB for Smith and Wesson M&P 9 Compact

Smith and Wesson’s M&P9c is an excellent little pistol.  It certainly deserves to be wrapped in lovely leather.  Here we have the design done in a couple of different colors.

and the back

And in brown

And the back

This holster is carried in the waist band and is tuckable for deeper concealment.

*Tuckable IWB holster
*Protective flap aids in comfort and protects the holstered gun from body sweat.
*Hand-formed, finished and stitched by machine with bonded nylon thread.

Pricing (including shipping in the U.S.):
$130.00 for Pocket-sized guns
$155.00 for Compact handguns (as shown)
$180.00 for Mid-size handguns
$195.00 for Full-size handguns

*Custom finishes and exotic hides available. Please contact me for pricing.

The Paddle Holster

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Over a year ago, Old NFO commissioned a paddle holster from me. I’d never made a paddle holster before, and I had never worn a paddle holster before. Other people had asked about these things in the past and I had declined the work because of my lack of experience with them. But, Old NFO is a friend, and a very honest one at that. I knew that if the holster sucked, he’d tell me so and do so with affection. So I took some notes and cobbled together a holster. When we spoke about the holster after the fact, he pointed out the fact that the smooth leather the paddle was made of was entirely too slick, and he couldn’t draw the gun without drawing the holster. I made a replacement paddle with the rough side out and a cleat stitched to the pants side of the paddle. He since reported that although it works well and he’s happy with it, the paddle should be made slightly wider on any subsequent models. Duly noted.

And then I was approached by the Prop Master working with In Plain Sight. The show did purchase a holster from me, based on Old NFO’s holster, and they filmed a scene in which the holster is given to the show’s main character, Mary Shannon. However, it appears that the holster scene got cut in editing. In the meantime, I was featured in Shooting Illustrated because of this holster, and in Concealed Carry magazine for another one of my holsters. The Shooting Illustrated article raised a lot of traffic for me, as did certain bloggers who are really cool people that have been consistent support since I started this thing. Thank you for that! Even though the holster may have been cut from the show, it still generated some new awareness, and I’m thankful.

All of a sudden, people started ordering paddle holsters. I decided that I had better do some time in one of these so I could make them the best that they could be. So, I made one to fit one of my 586L-Comps. Although I’d never much thought about paddle holsters, and never really saw myself wearing one, I like it. It’s tons more comfortable and concealable than I ever thought it would be. I wore it for about six weeks and then I performed a deranged experiment on it. When Jennifer announced that she got some Tannerite, Say Uncle suggested that we should torture test a holster with it. What a great idea! Because, when we blow it up, I can see where all of the weak points are by where it breaks. That was the idea anyway. I miss wearing that holster. I may have to fix it. And yes, it is quite fixable. Having the 1/2-lb of Tannerite it was sitting on detonate did not break it beyond repair. Heck, it didn’t even break a stitch. I realistically should have had a dummy gun in the holster when we blew it up, but I’ll try to remember that for the next one. More video and pics are on the way.

I’m trying to get my catalog organized so we can put it on the website. It’s been a lot harder than it ought to be. But, suffice it to say that the paddle holsters are here to stay.

Pretty In Pink or Tactical Sparkles

Who says only black and flat dark earth can be tactical? I don’t know about you, but I don’t have any coyote tan lip gloss for a purse holster to be all covert next to ;)

This, my friends, is a very special holster.  It sports a custom blended pink finished with lavender sparkles. And it proves the point that you can be both pretty and prepared.

Don’t let the beauty fool you! Like all of Michael’s Custom Holsters, this is built to last.  It features the very same robust construction with sealed and finished edges.

What’s your fantasy holster? Contact the holster maker and see if he can make it a reality.

A Holster For A Soldier

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click for giantification

Yeah, it’s cool. It’s all leather. It’s digicam. These pictures have not been edited. Not even cropped.

How’d he do that? Nope, I’m not telling. It’s a special magical proprietary process exclusive to TheHolsterSite.com. Got an image you’ve always wanted on a holster? Talk to Michael.

All that is freaking cool, but it’s not the coolest thing about this holster.

Not in the least. The coolest thing about this holster is that it will soon be on the hip of a soldier in Afghanistan. And we don’t even know which one. All because Michael got an email that said this.

I am the platoon sergeant for a small detachment stationed at a small FOB in Afghanistan. My unit is hosting a super bowl party for ourselves and the US CAV units that we support here in Afghanistan. Also invited are all DOD contractors and DA civilians. We will be sending an invitation to all of the coalition units that are represented here. Currently there are 14 other countries that are represented.

Our intention is to have a football pool for the game. No fee will be required from those who participate as gambling in not permitted and there will be officer along with lower enlisted present. We would like to give out 20 prizes, during commercials (as we cannot view the super bowl commercials on AFN), 1 at the end of each quarter and 2 during half time. No one will be permitted to win more than 1 prize as to ensure that at least 20 people receive a prize. My command and I that are hosting will be exempt from receiving a prize to ensure the appearance of propriety.

We are seeking donations as our FOB has only a small PX with the bare necessities. We estimate that at least 250 people will be in attendance due to the weather. Our hanger has the best heating system; we also have a projector that we brought with us that will allow us to project the game onto a 12×30 white conex that is inside.

Any help in this event will be greatly appreciated.

And since Michael is really not kidding when he tells you he supports our troops, he answered.

Dear Sir,

Sounds like a worthy cause. How would a promotional, custom, hand-made leather holster to fit a Beretta M9 as a prize giveaway sound? Please let me know. Thank you!


The holster pictured above is currently winging its way to Afghanistan. Wanna see more pictures?

Of course you do. Like the picture above, clicking will make huge.

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