Red Racer

This is a madly beautiful race holster that I made for a S&W 627 Pro.

Guns Feb 07 002

I don’t mind being quite proud of this holster. I kind of stretched myself to make this one come out just so. I actually scrapped my first design when it was almost complete because it didn’t look quite right. The redesign was well worth the effort, as you can see from the end results! It is made of five panels of shoulder hide – four on the body and one for the belt loops. The entire thing is hand-stitched together with Kevlar thread. I utilized a new, five-step molding process to make it fit the gun perfectly without retention or significant drag, thus holding the gun securely, yet maintaining a silky-smooth draw. This particular holster took three separate applications of two different red dyes to achieve the rich color. After the clear coat, in person it looks deep enough to dive into. Consequently, it’s also hard to photograph the color accurately.

Guns Feb 07 023

I will be playing with this design some more, as it has simply worked out too well to not do anything with it again.


I think I may do some kind of exotic or hair-on next time around. Or, maybe I’ll go with yet another daring color! As I said, the draw is very smooth on this one, and it should do really well in matches.

Guns Feb 07 003 Guns Feb 07 004 Guns Feb 07 005 Guns Feb 07 006 Guns Feb 07 007

I’m planning to ship this one to its new owner tomorrow. I hope he’s at least as impressed with it as I am!

Guns Feb 07 020

*OWB race holster for S&W 627 Pro (can be redesigned and made for other models.)
*Offset belt loops and a reverse cant for competition draw.
*Double hand-stitched with Kevlar thread.
*Five-step molding/boning to achieve the perfect fit with minimal retention.
*Four-step finish on the inside and outside.
*Extremely rigid, but incredibly luxurious and fast.

This is a full custom order. Please contact me for a quote on your dream holster.

16 thoughts on “Red Racer

  1. This is absolutely one of the most beautiful pieces of leatherwork you could ever want to see! Gorgeous, and nothing short of that.

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  3. Awesome! I’m just getting ready to do something similar to my stainless smith.

    I was planning to use pieces of hide to space the sides apart, is there a reason not to do this? Your muzzle seems to be perfect, I was afraid without a pair of spacers it wouldn’t fit well.

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  8. I clicked on “IDPA” and this holster came up.

    While it’s an interesting holster, it is NOT legal for IDPA competition. IDPA does not allow a muzzle forward cant, nor can the speed cut be more than 1/2 the length of the cylinder.

    If you’re going to hawk a $450 for IDPA, then it might be a good idea to read the holster rules section of the IDPA rulebook.

  9. David,

    Good Catch! Your comment buzzed through on my BlackBerry, and I immediately fixed the tags to reflect ‘competition’ rather than ‘IDPA’. This holster was made to customer specs specifically to run in Steel Challenge and the Bianchi Cup in the Production Division. I did not mean to mislead in any way and claim that this particular holster was IDPA legal. My customer also shoots IDPA, and I made a rash assumption concerning the rules. I can make a belt holster to virtually any specs, including all the rules for any of these sports – please just provide the rule set that the holster must adhere to. Thank you for the correction!


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