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12/27/2010 UPDATE: From November 5 until Christmas, I had these belts priced insanely low, and I sold a bunch of them. I couldn’t hold that price, but I do want to offer them at a better deal than I originally intended. Looking at what the majority of people are ordering on these, I’ve made the decision to drop the nickle/chrome hardware completely and instead offer these with the standard option of either stainless steel or brass for the buckles and screw sets. Rather than increasing the price from $50 to $100 though, I’m offering these for only $75.00. This belt is so great that everyone ought to have a couple of them. The price should not be an excuse not to in my opinion.

A great holster may not operate properly without the right belt. This is the right belt, my friends.

Click picture for more!

I’ve worn a lot of belts over the years, and experimented with different types of belts to wear a holster on. I’ve worn heavy, single-layer leather, leather with a Kydex core, straight double-layered leather, and steer hide to name a few. But, this is by far the best belt I’ve ever worn, with or without a gun.

This is a heavy-duty, double layer top-grain leather belt with a nylon webbing reinforcement core glued and then stitched into it. The buckle is affixed with heavy-duty Chicago screws.

The webbing core keeps it from stretching as much as a straight leather belt and keeps it from rolling over, it wears far more comfortably than Kydex, and it has a 600-pound tensile strength! That ought to be good enough for even the most extreme Thanksgiving dinners!

This 1.5-inch wide belt fits satisfyingly snug through the 1.5-inch slots in my pancake holsters, and fits well in the steel clips on my tuckable IWB holsters. It’s thick, but not monumental.

There are seven holes where the buckle fastens, and the nylon core runs clear from the tip of the belt to the skived fold over on the back side of the buckle. Although the belt should typically be worn on the middle hole, the one I’m wearing in the pictures is sized for a compromise between wearing it alone, or with my .45 and extra magazines in it. The hardware is all nickle plated, but these are available with upgraded screws and buckles made from stainless steel.

Although I don’t make these myself, they are hand-crafted by another American artisan craftsman here in the U.S. I’ve got such extreme confidence in his workmanship that I will extend my Lifetime Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee to them. The fact of the matter is, I could make belts myself, but I can’t make them any better than he does.

*Rugged and attractive, top-grain leather on inside and outside.
*Nylon webbing core, glued and stitched in, 600-lb break strength
*Buckle end skived down for comfort
*Brass or solid Stainless Steel roller buckle and screw set
*Available in black, brown, or natural colors. Also available in custom colors for an upcharge. (Can be matched to a custom holster at the time of order.)

Pricing (Includes basic shipping in the U.S.):
With Standard Hardware: $90.00
With Stainless Hardware: $100.00

Updated Pricing as of 12/27/2010 (Includes basic shipping in the lower 48):
With Stainless Hardware as standard: $75.00

Please specify belt size

NOTE: Please specify the size you want, measured from where the leather folds over the end of the buckle to the middle adjustment hole.

Custom Finish: (please email me for inquiry)

7 thoughts on “The Best Leather Belt

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  4. I ordered one of these belts during your $50 sale and I am very pleased with it. Its a pleasure to wear such a well-made product.

    I just ordered another one in black!


  5. I too ordered a belt during the Christmas promotion.

    I’m used to buying my belts expecting them to stretch.

    This. Belt. Does. Not. Stretch.

    If you intend to use this belt with a holster, add a couple of inches to your regular belt length!

    That said, I really like this belt!

    After a month or so of regular wear, I’m not seeing any rolling, especially where my Perry (belt clip style) suspenders attach.

    Even at the revised price I think this is a great belt, and I will be ordering a longer one for holster use very soon.

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