Pretty In Pink or Tactical Sparkles

Who says only black and flat dark earth can be tactical? I don’t know about you, but I don’t have any coyote tan lip gloss for a purse holster to be all covert next to ;)

This, my friends, is a very special holster.  It sports a custom blended pink finished with lavender sparkles. And it proves the point that you can be both pretty and prepared.

Don’t let the beauty fool you! Like all of Michael’s Custom Holsters, this is built to last.  It features the very same robust construction with sealed and finished edges.

What’s your fantasy holster? Contact the holster maker and see if he can make it a reality.

4 thoughts on “Pretty In Pink or Tactical Sparkles

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  3. So far my wife loves it. She works with a few women who carry so shes already passed out some of your cards.

  4. Love love love this! I keep thinking of the red belt you’re making for me. Hmm. Maybe I need to pick up one of those new Mustangs. Hmm…

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