Warranty & Guarantee


I’m continuing to develop and test my products to make certain that they will be durable and functional – both in fit and in finish. For over two years, I wore the second holster I made in the most grueling of conditions. I wore it in all weather conditions, wet and dry, ice and snow, below freezing and into the triple digits. I sat on it empty and full alternatively for countless hours. I crawled under cars on asphalt and gravel on this holster.

Honestly, I didn’t expect it to last. Being my first holster design, I expected it to eventually stop retaining properly if not simply fall to pieces. And yet, it never returned anything but reliable service. Since then, I’ve made a lot of changes to refine my products and made them exponentially tougher and more elegant.

I am proud to offer the best leather holsters available, and I’m equally proud to back that up with a lifetime warranty on all of my holsters. This is a retroactive warranty that applies to any holsters that I’ve already sold, so if you have one of my holsters that you purchased at a previous date, even if it’s been years ago it still counts.

If at any time, one of my holsters fails to perform due to materials or workmanship ever in the course of normal use, simply send it back and I’ll fix, replace, or refund it at my option at no charge to you beyond the cost of getting the holster returned to me. This won’t necessarily cover the finish on your holster, but I’m not going to be an ogre about that either.

If there is an obvious problem with the finish, I’ll be glad to take care of you. But, if your holster shows signs of wear and tear due to normal usage, I like to consider that to be character rather than flaw. If you would like to return your well-worn holster that you purchased from me to a like-new appearance, please contact me and I’m sure we can work something out.

I’m making every attempt to offer my customers things that they can’t necessarily get from other holster makers – durable construction including space-age, high-strength materials blended with the classic grace of natural leathers, ever-changing innovative designs, and now a lifetime warranty.


It is taken for granted that when someone starts carrying a gun, they’ll go through a lot of holsters before they find one that they really like. We’re all familiar with the ‘box of holsters’ in the garage. I don’t ever want one of my holsters to wind up in that box. I want my holsters to be your go-to holsters. If you are not happy with the holster that you commission from me, give me a call or email me. We will work something out. If the issue is a flaw in my design or execution, I will not hesitate to take care of it.

One of my customers contacted me with a concern on his holster after wearing it for a year. Although the holster was made to his specifications, and performed very well over the course of the year, he had a small complaint. He had come to wish that it had a protective flap extending up the back side of the slide, for both the sake of comfort and to keep sweat off the slide of his pistol. At my request, he returned it so I could attempt to modify the holster. As it turned out, there was nothing I could do to modify the original holster, so I simply made a new one for him and took the old one as a ‘trade-in.’ He essentially got a brand new holster at a very steep discount.

The point is, I want you to be completely satisfied with my work. If you get your holster and it’s wrong, I’ll make it right. Even in a case where I could easily shrug off the responsibility, I would far prefer to work with you to make it right, than to have one of my holsters land in ‘the box.’ Personally, I tend to cringe at the words ‘satisfaction guarantee,’ but I can’t think of a plainer way to say that I want assure you will be happy with my products.

For more information, feel free to email me.