After wet-molding, the holster must air dry for twenty-four hours.  At that point, I’ll shape and burnish the edges – even inside the belt loops on a pancake holster.  I like to bevel the presentation of the holster so your gun slides in with minimal effort.  Once it is holstered, the rigidity of the walls and the boned leather will snap it into place.  Once the edges are smooth and properly contoured for the optimal beauty and usability, I’ll begin to apply the finish.

Depending on what color(s) you want for your holster, I may use one of (or sometimes more) several different dyes and different dyeing techniques.  Most of the time, I wind up custom mixing the dye to the customer’s wishes.  Some people may want multiple colors on a holster.  This isn’t a problem, but if it gets too elaborate, there may be an upcharge.  Of course, we’ll discuss all options before we seal the deal.  Metallic frosts and even glitter finishes are also available upon request.

You may want to have me finish your holster with an exotic hide.  Please feel free to inquire about exotic leathers.  The upcharge will simply be the cost of materials plus any additional labor that may be required (some hides are harder to work with than others).  My standard holsters are topped simply in shoulder grain or calf skin – and both are quite beautiful.

Leather overlays and tooling are other options for your custom-made holster.  A thin layer of hide adhered and stitched in a pattern to the thicker underlayer makes a beautiful, dramatic, finished product.  Many people love the traditional look of hand-tooled leather.  Florals and basketweaves make very nice additions to any custom-made holster.  Of course, on any of these, there will be a price increase, but we can discuss that.

One of my most dramatic, small pancakes came from a request for a purple holster finished in glitter. I had not even thought of doing such a thing prior to that. If there is a special finish that you specifically want that I haven’t mentioned, don’t be afraid to email me. The sky is the limit, and if I don’t think I can do it. I’ll tell you.

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